Vice2 Vibrating Male G Spot Stimulator by Aneros


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VICE 2 is a next generation anatomically designed hands-free, male G-spot stimulator combining design elements from the award winning VICE massager with many new and exciting features. With a simple contraction VICE 2 pivots inward stimulating the male G-spot (prostate), anus, perineum and K-spot simultaneously. VICE 2 can be used in two powered control modes, wireless and manual and an unpowered discreet mode. Wireless mode utilizes an elegant rechargeable multifunction remote for effortless command of VICE 2’s two powerful motors using an ergonomic layout that will allow you to scroll back and forth between 18 preset vibration patterns and select 4 different levels of intensity. The remote also features a unique joy button that puts interactive motor control at your fingertips! Manual mode permits power and vibration pattern control on the VICE 2’s base. When combined with internal contractions, VICE 2’s body-inspired contours produce full and focused stimulation that leads to orgasms of immense depth, power and complexity. Experiences so intense, they will forever change your frame of reference about sexual pleasure. It’s time to indulge in your VICE 2. <br><br> • Focused vibrating prostate stimulation <br> • Pivoting pleasure <br> • Wireless remote provides total access to all of VICE 2 features, including; 18 preset vibration patterns, 4 levels of intensity for each pattern and a JOY BUTTON for variable control of vibration intensity <br> • Wash with soap and lukewarm water or a silicone compatible toy cleaner. Rinse clean and pat dry using a lint free cloth or towel. <br> • VICE 2 Charging time: 120 minutes <br> • VICE 2 Use time: 90 minutes at highest setting <br> • Remote Charging time: 90 minutes <br> • Remote Use time: 50 hours <br> • Maximum range: 25 ft/7.6 m

Wash with soap and lukewarm water, or a toy cleaner compatible with silicone items.

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