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Vibrating Sounds is a sounding kit for the beginner to the advanced enthusiast. The kit includes three silicone sounding rods in graduated lengths and thickness. The beaded flexible sounds bend with the body, to make it easier to go deeper and hit your prostate. The beaded design allows lubricant to stay between the beads as you insert them, to make it easier to slide in without re-lubricating so often. <br><br> The kit also includes an interchangeable 7-speed vibrating bullet, with 7 different strengths and patterns that travel down the entire length of each sound. When inserted through the circular opening on the top of each sound, the bullet also acts as a handle to easily guide each sound while inserting for that unique prostate sensation that you crave. <br><br> Made of premium, medical grade silicone. These urethral sounds are easy to sterilize and body sage for an all new sounding experience. <br><br> • Soft touch silicone <br> • 3 graduated sizes <br> • Intense stimulation <br> • Super flexible <br> • Stimulates prostate <br><br> Small Size <br> Length: 5.5" (14 cm); Width: 0.35" (0.14 cm) <br> Medium Size <br> Length: 8.7" (22 cm); Width: 0.39" (0.15 cm) <br> Large Size <br> Length: 16.1" (41 cm); Width: 0.47" (0.19 cm) <br><br> This product is safe with all lubricants, completely hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with senitive skin.

Wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water or toy cleaner. Pat dry and allow to completely air dry. Store deparately.

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