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The Gripper™ Beaded Grip makes masturbation more intense, providing a soft, gentle, textured surface for extra stimulation. The long, flexible texture is flexible to fit any size and the beaded interior adds an exciting twist for all experience levels. <br><br> While users new to toys will find the product unintimidating and explosively sexual, the more experienced users will see how the beaded texture allows for maximum sensation while doubling as a containment zone for lubricant, ensuring that the one thing on your mind is guaranteed satisfaction. <br><br> The beads change direction along the length of the grip masturbator for added sensation. Powered by your own anatomy, the user of The Gripper™ Beaded Grip has full control over the tightness and stroke you experience. Soft, hard, fast, or sensual. The Gripper™ Beaded Grip puts you in the driver’s seat for absolute precision control to unleash the full power of the penis in the most intimate or erotic settings. <br><br> • Ultra-Soft Pure Skin® Material Feels Like the Real Thing and is Maintenance Free <br> • Heavy-Duty and Totally Flexible <br> • Body Safe, Unscented, Phthalate Free <br> • May Be Used In or Out of the Water <br> • One Year Warranty <br> • Pleasure Nodules Provide Sensational Friction and Incredible Stimulation <br> • Open-Sleeve Design Allows for a Grip as Tight as You Want It <br> • Dual-Density for a Comfortable Grip and Powerful Hold

Simply wash with warm soap and water or CalExotics Toy Cleaner, and let dry.

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